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You Have Always Been Who You Are

Do you know what I was doing when I was 10 years old? 15 years old? 

I was doing the exact same thing as I am doing now.

Everyone who follow their vocations are doing the same thing the entire duration of their lives.

​Deep down, you don't really change. You mature into what you already are, but you'll always remain the one you were chosen to be.

You are born to become someone. You are given your destiny and it's your duty to realize it in order to find fulfillment and happiness in this world.

I was destined to do this and I am doing exactly the same thing as I was 10 years old.

Around the age of 10, I started to learn how to design and program videogames. When everyone else was playing videogames, I wanted to know how to create them. 

By the age of 15, I had an amateur gamestudio with three other kids.

People were talking about me as a phenom. At the age of 15, I created a video game called ​Oddro, which a year later I sold the copyrights for $100 (this was decent money for a 16-year-old).

Compared to the today's standards the game doesn't look much, but back then you had to do everything by yourself (nowadays you can download or buy everything).

In the game studio, I was the guy who was running things, who had the vision, and who was in the leadership position.

​I would do programming from dusk till dawn, and I never considered it work. I would program video games and do graphics 12 hour days and not once I was tired. 

​Learning how to design and program videogames, paved the way for what I'm doing now.

Deconstructing the real world comes naturally, because I was creating my own virtual worlds from a very young age.

I believe my greatest gift is to see people as they are and to understand what makes people tick. Almost all life is just people and their behavior. 

When I started exercising, it took only one month to understand the kinesiology and biomechanics behind the exercises without needing to study them. My eyes allow me to write articles like this.

What am I doing now? I am running businesses and deconstructing everything into what everything really is, because almost everyone else is too blind or too deaf to do so.

I am doing what I have always been doing, and I will continue to do so until the day I die.

My business partner Eero Westerberg, is also doing exact the same thing he was doing when he was younger.

When he was a kid, he would just monkey around and play. ​Now he is doing the exact same thing.

I give him a platform to do what he loves to do. In exchange, I get an opportunity to do what I love.

There is no teacher without a pupil. There is no army without a general.

The first follower creates the leader. The leader gives guidance and vision to those who need it. ​

Not all of us are creators of reality, but all of us choose the one to live in. Not all of us are only dreamchasers, but many are also creators of dreams. 

Go All The Way Back

Your past and your childhood are great assets and resources to understand who you are now. You were the most real and authentic as a kid. Shameless and untarnished. 

I have gathered very important things from my childhood.

I never liked eating breakfast, but my parents forced me to eat it. I literally couldn't get the breakfast down when I was a kid.

Now I eat whenever I feel like it and guess what has happened? I don't eat breakfast and I fast 16-18 hours a day.

​My kid body already knew the optimal way for me to eat. Your natural responses without all the bullshit of the mind are much better teachers than the science will ever be.

This is just the beginning.

Think all the way back. ​

What were you doing ​when you were a kid? Don't think exactly what or how, but why were you doing it. 

Examine the will, the drive, the desire.

The platform and ​the things you were doing are only illusions. What matters is why were you doing them.

Even when you were playing videogames as a kid: were you just having fun, or did you actually play them for the thrill of competition? Or did you play them to be part of a community or to build friendships?

As a kid, I only cared about games I could become the best at and win. 

I find happiness in the climb, in the struggle. The progress of becoming better is still the thing I find true enjoyment in.

I'm not about having fun. Play and fun in the moment aren't what really satisfy me. I do live in the moment, but it's always for the purpose of the next moment.

I'm ready to withstand severe pain for years to win. I'm ready to drink the poison if it's justified.

I could care less about the moment we are in now, or what happened in the past. Everything I do is for the next moment.

I actually find it enjoyable, fulfilling and fun to live for tomorrow.

Not everyone is like this - only a rare few. 

My business partner Eero Westerberg is all about living in the moment. That's why people like watching him perform: he is in the zone when he is just having fun. ​

It's your duty to find out who you truly are.​

All the things you were doing as a kid are reflections of your subconscious.

If your past doesn't help, think what you are doing right now.

What are you interested in? What do like to do? You cannot explain why you are interested in something. You cannot explain why you like doing something as a hobby.

Your interests and hobbies are reflections of your soul. They are the things you would do if you had the opportunity to do anything.

Why not do them for every waking hour of your life?​

I have no interests and zero hobbies - they are for the people who aren't capitalizing on their lives.

Most people live many different lives. They have a work life, a dating life, a family life, a leisure life and numerous of hobbies. 

I have just one life. Everything I do is one.

You can call it business, but even that isn't enough. I rather call it legacy. Everything fits this picture and it's the only picture I paint. 

You have many different lives, don't you? For who are you living for? 

What you are interested in, is the thing you are supposed to do in one form or another. You may not be able to do it full-time right now, but you should spend every waking hour of your life to try to turn that into reality. 

If there is no money in your interest, then pick something that is the exact same thing, but actually serves others. When something serves others, it will serve you.

What is the difference between a carpenter and a goldsmith? Both are the same, the illusion is just different. 

If you were born to be a leader, find a platform you can be a leader on.

If you were born to be a performer, find a theater where you can perform.

If being a circus clown is the best you can do, so be it. If a hollywood actor is the best you can do, so be it.

All of the destined roles are equal, but the people in these roles aren't. A hollywood actor is a better performer than a circus clown. A goldsmith is on a higher level than a carpenter. ​

Human society is the same as a beehive. Some bees are born to be queens. Some ​are born to be drones. 

If everyone were like me, nothing would work. Everyone has a purpose and everyone is chosen by some random universal parameters for different roles. ​

Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger and examine what he has done. He has always been the same man, but on many different platforms.​

Schwarzenegger was smart enough to not define himself with the thing he was doing at the time he was doing it.

Let Yourself Be You

As I said earlier, all of us are chosen to be who we were born to be. It's not your job to choose your destiny, but it's your duty to fulfill it.

​Only people who aren't letting themselves be who they truly are, have a hard time letting anyone else be who they are either.

Your parents probably had a plenty of expectations for you. If they didn't directly say it, they were indirectly leading you nowhere by making certain career paths feel less.

I was following a career path I shouldn't have followed. It's easy to do, because there aren't many people who have the self-awareness to know what they have always known.

As a kid, you see that almost every adult is pretending to be interested in something they really aren't and almost everyone is doing something they don't want to do.

We get sucked in this game and believe that's what we are supposed to do: to pretend to live a life where we aren't aware of our own pretense. To be an actor without knowing it's all an act.

I actually thought I had to choose something - that I even had a choice. 

Now I don't make choices. I don't even have a choice.​

Your parents likely planned your life ahead a long before you were born.

You aren't a baby anymore.

It's time to get rid of the boundaries set by everyone else and do what you really want to do. 

Your parents won't necessarily get it. Your friends won't necessarily get it either.

For most people it's unfathomable to live without suffering. It's unfathomable to believe there is a life where you are actually enjoying every minute of it. ​

When you find yourself, you can start empowering others to live their lives.​

​I know who I am, which is why I have no problems letting other people be who they are.

Other people's authenticity isn't taking anything away from me, because it just cannot be possible.

After you understand what is real and what isn't, you know what is possible and what isn't. 

Eero Westerberg is bigger, stronger and faster than me - I want him to be even better. I want him to be the best he can be.

I want you to be the best you, but you need to want to be who you truly want to be.

The truth is, most people want to be someone they think is cool, or someone they think they should be. They play the pretense game without realizing it.

Most people have shut down their inner voice for far too long. ​

Your inner voice is that whispering voice. That weird itch. That something you know is there, but you aren't exactly sure how to pinpoint it.

It's hard to hear, because there's too much noise messing up with your head. It's hard to see, because there's too much bullshit piled on top of it. 

Unlearn and focus. ​

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November 2, 2015