Calling The Shots: Psychology​

Psychology isn't a science that studies human behavior.

Psychology is a science that shames and praises human behavior.​

Whether it's rightfully done or not, I don't care. I'm merely saying what psychology really is.

Psychology has two main purposes: 

  1. ​To make someone feel better.
  2. To make someone feel bad. 

Like economics is a massive rationalization why it's okay to steal from the rich and give it to the poor, psychology is a massive rationalization why it's okay to shame the top, and praise the bottom. ​

The point of psychology is mediocrity, equalism and making everyone average.

Psychologists think they can define what is a healthy normal human being and how he or she behaves.

Psychologists, like everyone else, have an utopia inside their mind where everyone is nice and exactly like everyone else.

Psychologists attempt to take down the go-getters and the winners of life with acts of shaming. Or more so they want to prevent the newcomers from becoming winners.

They call them narcissistic.

They call them psychopaths. 

They call them mentally unstable.

They call them insecure with a big ego and an inferiority complex.

All of these are just silly made-up words, but they do work on the majority of population. The most sensitive are the smallest kids who aren't sure what is acceptable to want and what isn't. 

Most people will never be honest with themselves, because the world has told them nothing but lies since they were little children. 

Not only are the winners shamed, but the bottom is praised to be more than they are.

Codependent people are pushed to be more independent. Insecure people are pushed to appear more confident. 

Women are pushed to act more like men. Men are shamed for acting like men. ​

The only person who is allowed to be himself, is the average person who is neither too good or too bad.​

Psychologists think ​all people are the same or they think all people should be the same.

They don't want to realize that some people are supposed to be at the top, because they can actually handle it and are capable of embracing the responsibility that comes along with it.

Then on the flip side, some people are unable to take 100% care of themselves.

In reality, there is a wide spectrum of different people at different positions. 

At the bottom there are the kids and the mentally handicapped, but many "normal adults" are closer to an immature kid than being a supreme leader.

Many people are supposed to be codependent, if not to a large degree, then to a small degree.

Psychologists don't want to allow anyone to be themselves, because it would destroy their illusion of equality. 

Only when it's almost too obvious, like with the mentally handicapped people, they agree that these people shouldn't be leading armed forces in a military conflict. ​

People only accept the truth when it's too obvious to not call it a lie. ​

Psychologists have created a system of lies with hundreds of condescending terms.

The terms are used as weapons of shame or praise to make some feel better about themselves and make some feel bad about themselves.

Psychology, like all rationalizations, is mostly for the average people. For the middle class.

The middle class people are the only people who actually give a flying fuck. People at the rock bottom or at the very top could care less.

The best winners will be winners regardless of what you say to them. The worst of the worst will be criminals regardless of how much you call them naughty.

Shame and praise are for the sheep. 

I never liked either. Even as a kid, I would get a degrading feeling when I was praised​.

Psychological Terms are Tools of Shame or Praise


Widely used term to shame go-getters and winners. It's common to ​see "news" and "studies" how the CEOs have "narcissistic qualities". 

Take away the "narcissistic qualities" and we wouldn't have any successful people left. ​

Narcissism is also used to take away the average person's self-love. Somehow, psychologists have agreed that it's wrong to have too much love for yourself.

Moreover, you should think about others first. Yes, you should think about ME first! HOW ABOUT ME?

Did you get the point?

Shaming is always​ a selfish act. It's an act of mental control which is used to prevent you from living your life. It's used to push you to live someone else's life instead. 

A person who wants you to be less selfish, is doing a selfish act, because he or she wants you focus more on him or her instead of yourself. 


There is a time and a place for behavior that is considered masculine like there is a time and a place for behavior that is considered feminine.

​If you take a look at Wikipedia's page about psychopathy, you'll learn that many qualities that are seen as masculine are described as psychopathic:

  • BOLDNESS. High self-confidence and social assertiveness. 
  • MEANNESS. Has someone been naughty?
  • Grandiose sense of self-worth. What is grandiose? Why shouldn't you love yourself?
  • Emotionally shallow. Who decides what is shallow - The psychologists?

There are other qualities which can be seen as self-damaging or destructive to others.

Just the thing is, people pick certain attributes and points they find useful for illustrating their point (like I did above) and disregard the rest.

Furthermore, people have fixed ideas about behaviors. People think aggressiveness = bad, although aggressiveness can be a great driving force to do almost anything. 

If someone has a haughty body language, actually feels good about himself and takes bold action, the person actually has the capability to achieve something great.

The sad truth is that not everyone wants another person succeed.


Sociopathy is the king of all "mental illnesses". It's about not giving a fuck.

But no, it's bad if you don't care. You have to care, because everyone else does. 

Psychologists want to take away your personal freedom. Instead, they want you to be bounded by the expectations of everyone else.

They want you to take others into consideration and live according to their expectations.

They talk about healthy amounts of shame and healthy levels of social awareness. Yes, that's true - for some people who cannot handle their own freedom.

The average psychologist is an average person who needs social boundaries with only a hint of freedom.

I do not.

Most people don't want the absolute freedom and the absolute responsibility that comes along with it. Far from it. But they do like to pretend that they do.​ 


Some people are actually supposed to be taken care of. Not everyone is born to be a completely self-employed entrepreneur - only a rare few.

If you are working for someone else, then you are taken care of by someone else. This is the truth. You are codependent to a certain degree.

That's fine, because only an extremely small portion of our population can be completely independent. 

Inferiority complex

​If you don't ever feel inferiority, then you are either a master of bullshit lies or always in the wrong place. 

Animals feel it, and so do humans who are honest about themselves. ​The feeling of inferiority is the force that pushes people to aspire for greatness. 

If no one ever felt inferior, there would be no desire to become superior.

Superior people will tell you that they aren't better than you, but that's only a lie. 

This is what most people want: they want you to be miserable, small and uncertain, in order for them to feel better about themselves.

Psychology Merely Studies The Illusion

There aren't many psychologists who actually understand life.

Carl Jung was a psychologist who "got it" and his work is not even "psychology" - it's just observations about life. 

Nathaniel Branden studied psychology for 60 years. His first books were mostly lies and bullshit, but one of his last books The Six Pillar of Self-esteem was more about Zen, than it was about psychology.

The highest form of anything is LIFE. The highest form of philosophy is to just live. The highest form of psychology is to understand oneself.

Know yourself and you know everyone else. Know yourself and you know life. ​

Psychologists claim to study human behavior by observing others, reading other psychologists' conclusions and conducting their own group experiments. 

What psychologists really study, is the surface - the illusion. They study their own mind. People don't only see what they want to see; they also see what they can see.

The surface is the lowest level of consciousness. It's the teenager level of consciousness. Most people never go past that point. 

Most people don't realize that it's not the behavior that counts, but why you are doing it.

It's always about why - the reason behind the behavior, not the behavior itself.​

One human behavior can mean countless of different things based on why it's done and how it's done.

Psychologists have no idea about the person beneath the surface, because the ​psychologists don't really study the person; rather they study the actor, the clown who the studied person unknowingly pretends to be. 

Psychologists have tried to divide the human consciousness into little pieces: ego, superego, id, and further defined pieces of the illusion. They are merely learning more about the clown's clothes and makeup, not the person underneath them.

Beneath all bullshit and lies, there is only ONE.

One soul.

The beast and the human have become unified. 

You have a soul when your body and mind are combined - when there is no distinction between who you are and what you do. Being has become the same as doing, and vice versa. 

Before you have a soul, you have the thing people call an ego or a shadow.

It's supposed to be that way. 

Until next time,

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November 16, 2015