Why Apple, Ferrari And Harley Davidson Are The Best Brands In The World

The real materialists are those who judge products and brands solely on their mechanical and technical attributes. They focus on materials and performance without seeing that brands such Apple, Ferrari and Harley Davidson are so much more than just the hardware and materials.

The ones who keep up with the trends and buy "useless" products aren't actually materialists at all. When they buy a trendy product, they are buying more than just the materials and the practical use of the product. With many luxury goods and high priced brands, the materials are only a small portion of the price - but in return people still get their money's worth.

​iPhone and other apple products are expensive when compared to many other brands which can be equally powerful but have only portion of the price. As a result, many rather choose a cheap Chinese copy than the real brand. But iPhone is much more than just the materials and people who dislike Apple cannot see that people buy an iPhone because of everything else that comes with it.

​iPhone comes with values: originality, style, beauty and high standards. Values which many of us want to reflect to the outside world with the products we choose. No other phone looks like iPhone but every other phone looks like a phone. Moreover, iPhone and other apple products are completely original, which the other brands are trying to imitate and copy. Samsung or HTC doesn't have much soul in them: they are just empty hardware and all of their phones look alike without a hint of originality.

People don't buy iPhones for the hardware, they buy it for these core values and other invisible benefits. Although the benefits are hard to quantify, they are still there. These benefits include boost in the social status and being perceived in a certain positive way. When a person buys an iPhone, he buys all of these things and more. Most people subconsciously know this and that's why Apple is one of the best brands and manufacturers in the world.​

Likewise, many complain how bad Harley Davidson motorcycles are compared to other brands which can be more powerful and more trustworthy. They cannot see that the biggest difference is that Harley Davidson has some soul in it - everyone knows what Harley Davidson is. If they were to buy a Harley Davidson motorcycle, everyone would immediately know what they are talking about.​ A person would be buying the entire reputation of the motorcycle, not just the bike.

Furthermore, if you compare Ferrari, Lamborghini and Jaguar between each other, they all have a different aura. They can all come with the exact same materials, hardware and similar look - but what is different is the amount of core values and reputation that comes with the actual car and the beautiful piece of art. Ferrari comes with over 50 years of built reputation and these customers buy a piece of it to themselves. Ferrari appears elegant, stylish and extremely high status. Lamborghini has a respectable aura which resonates strength, speed and cutting edge technology but neither Lamborghini or Jaguar come even close to the status of Ferrari.

Similarly, the high end luxury goods such as Cartier's golden sunglasses, the dresses of Prada or Rolex's watches have very little physical value compared to the price of these goods. Majority of the value is created by scarcity: making the products so expensive that only a small portion of the population can afford them. High price adds real value to the products. Also, When people buy the products, they are mostly buying the brand's core values and status that comes with it. Just by adding a story, values and scarcity to products, the products are more than just the physical materials - and people recognize it.

Someone may not care, but the fact that almost everyone else does, gives the product value. Almost anything in the world is created value: sports are arbitrary games but somehow you can make millions out of playing a ball game. The millions athletes can earn are made up too. The millions are mostly virtual numbers but somehow they still make the world go around. A great amount of the value in the world is not physical at all.

Recognizing the unrecognizable

The "smart" ones cannot see beyond the materials and as a result think they are better than the products and the people that use them. As clever people they rather buy the products that are nothing but materials and performance without caring about the real hidden value at all. They are only buying the materials, which makes them the real materialists in the universe. It turns them into a sort of outcasts who refuse to accept themselves as good and bad as everyone else.

Moreover, focusing merely on materials and performance is cold, mechanical and has no soul. ​Buying core values and status shows the buyer can see beyond the materials and understands that hardware and materials get old and worn off - whereas the values and soul never die. Although the value of the brand is only fictional and not physical, it feels more real and it has more life than the empty materials itself.

If a person completely lives his life in a reasonable way and uses his logic to decide what is good and bad - he rejects the value of the brands altogether. The person cannot physically grasp the values or precisely quantify them, which logically means the invisible attributes don't really exist. If the person accepted them as real, his whole life would be under attack because he has been using reason and evidence to build his world view since he can remember.

The person is fighting against something which is real, only because it is non-physical and hard to understand for the reasonable mind. Instead, the person is only focusing on something which has no life in it - what is completely physical and makes perfect sense. In other words, the mechanical mind accepts only the mechanical as the actual reality. What they can quantify and grasp is real to them, but this is only because the mind works in this mechanical fashion - not the reality itself.

​People who cannot see the heart of the brands, reject the soul they offer and even become angry about products that doesn't make sense to them. Apple and Harley Davidson have a great deal of haters who cannot stand the popularity of these iconic brands because on paper, a cheaper and more powerful product is the better one. Then, in order to make the unreal into real, they need to prove to everyone else that they are correct. In a similar way many people feel about the mainstream music.

What people don't understand, they fight against.​ What doesn't fit into the realm of reason, is rejected. As a result, a great portion of life is avoided and a life is lived through quantifiable perspective which lacks heart, soul and life itself. The products such as iPhone, Ferrari and Harley Davidson are full of life which is why they are one of the best brands in the whole world.

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July 25, 2015